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Core configuration

The following sections walk through the Solutions Core > Configuration options.



For information about Application User Management refer to Application User Management.

Persona Management

Persona management is used to define the persona types in an environment.

  • Initial setup for Core creates the Department Persona Type with Other in it. All the users get added to Other by default.

  • Admins can create other persona types and add rules to categorize users into different personas.

  • Every time a rule is created, admins should run the rules, by clicking on RUN RULES button. Once, the rules are evaluated successfully, admins should see the list of users under the members tab.



There is no auto run set for persona rules, so you should run rules on-demand.

API Management

The API Management section is used for configuring the following API functions:

API Management configuration functions
1E platform

You will need to complete these fields:

  • 1E Platform Hostname: <name of your 1E instance>.

  • OAuth token issuer: Application (Client Id) of the 1E Integration AAD application.

If you select UPdate Certificate Information you will see additional fields where you can configure a certificate to authenticate against the 1E platform.

  • Certificate Password: The certificate password for the non-interactive login.

  • KID: The KeyID (KID) of the certificate.

  • Private Key: Paste a copy of your Private Key, and ensure that only the Private Key component from the PEM file is used here.

Email Configuration

Use Email Configuration to send emails to end-users and your service desk based on Solution Actions.

1E Solutions use Microsoft Graph API to send emails, refer to Authentication and API permissions for the permissions required for sending emails.

  • Sender Email Id: This email is used for sending emails to users. This should be a valid email id and should have an inbox.

  • ServiceDesk Email Id: This is the email id of the Service desk to which emails will be sent.

  • Email Subject: Subject of the email. You can include <DeviceSolutionStatus>; and <DeviceName>; in the subject line. <DeviceSolutionStatus>; and <DeviceName>; will be replaced by the actual values.

  • Email Body: This will be the body of the email. You can include <DeviceSolutionStatus>; and <DeviceName>; in the subject line. <DeviceSolutionStatus>; and <DeviceName>; will be replaced by the actual values.

  • Email Body: This will be the body of the email.

  • Email Signature: This is used to include the signature of the email.

Save your settings by clicking Save.

Emails will now be sent based on your Solution Actions rules.

Third Party Configuration

Third Party Configuration is used to setup configurations for integrating 1E Solutions with third-party systems such as ServiceNow and Jira Service Management. These configurations are then used by 1E for Device Refresh to open incidents based on solution actions.

1E Solutions support the following third-party systems:

  • ServiceNow.

  • Jira Service Management.

Parameters for Incident Body:

When these parameters are included in the body, they are replaced by the accompanying value.

  • <RuleName>: Actual rule name that triggered the instruction.

  • <DeviceName>: Actual device name on which rule has failed.

  • <UserName>: Primary user of the device.

  • <UserEmail>: Email of the primary user.

ServiceNow example:


Jira Service Management Example:

Run Import Device API

Run Import Device API is used to push pending device information from the staging table to the main device table. Because there is a scheduled job to automatically push the devices, it is recommended this function should only be used if there is a need to immediately push them to the main table (for testing/troubleshooting).

View Audit Log

The Audit Logs page offers a comprehensive record of all admin and device activities, including event-related data. Customers can access detailed logs to track changes. Audit logs are currently retained indefinitely, ensuring a complete and enduring record of activities.