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Configuring Device Refresh

Once you have configured your platform details and Check License with 1E Platform in Core configuration you should Solution specific options in the third column.



You can view the score of all models available in their environment which will help you understand that model's performance.


The combined score (Y Axis) is calculated using various data points obtained from regularly updated DeviceResponsivenessDetails. A higher score indicates better performance. The Boot Score (X Axis) is calculated using the average boot time. A higher score indicates better performance.

Please note the following:

  • The chart can be filtered according to the defined model category.

  • Model listing shows details of the model like cost, score and device count. Columns can be filtered and grouped.

  • To configure the model category and its associated cost, admins can click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen, to navigate to these pages.

Manage model categories

Manage model categories allows you to create model categories for devices available in your environment and assign a cost to them:

  1. Add a model category and assign cost.

  2. After you create a model category, assign models to the category and modify it as necessary.

Manage model data

Manage model data allows you to assign device, carbon cost and mark a model as Replace.

If a model is marked as Replace, all devices of this model will be marked as Replace and can be viewed from the dashboard.

Update Device Warranty Info

Customers can update the warranty data of devices through the Update Device Warranty Info option on the Device Refresh > Configuration page which lists devices that have missing warranty information.


You can update device warranty information using the following options.

  • From Manufacturer API

    • Only Dell and Lenovo are currently supported.

    • API Key and Key Secret will be required for authentication.

  • From an Excel File

    • The Excel file can be downloaded by selecting the Excel upload option. Warranty data can only be uploaded using the columns provided in the default download.

You can add the manufacturer API Key and secret under the API configuration as shown.


Refresh Status Rules

Here you can define your own rules and criteria based on events and their threshold, with the following options:

  • Add rule.

  • Edit rule.

  • Delete rule.

  • Run Rule.

  • Change status display name.

Manage Solution Actions

You can customize both manual and automated actions for the Replace, Repair, Reimage, and Reassign statuses. This includes the option to create email or ServiceNow incident actions based on your preferences.

If the rule is set to Autorun, the action will be performed automatically, otherwise, the action will need to be manually performed by an admin.

Persona Demand Rules

Persona demand rules allow you to set the configuration of devices a persona needs for optimum efficiency and productivity.

Admins can set persona resource demand by creating rules. These rules are then evaluated and report whether a device is to be retained, replaced or reassigned to a different persona.


Admins should click on RUN RULES after creating a rule.