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Mapping intents with 1E instructions

Intents can be anything, like some kind of actions that a user wants to do or wants an application to handle. ServiceNow provides a predefined list of NLU intents and also allows users to add custom intents if required. It is important to map these intents to the instructions for them to be visible under recommended actions list in the Agent and Service Operations Workspace. The Agent and Service Operations Workspace uses ServiceNow's NLU engine to predict intents based on the incident ticket's short description. And hence the instructions that are priorly mapped to these predicted intents are displayed in the recommended action section.

An admin user can either assign or remove intents to or from an instruction. The below given steps explain the process of mapping intents with 1E instructions.

  1. Login to your ServiceNow instance with admin credentials.

  2. Navigate to 1E ITSM ConnectInstruction Definitions in the application navigator. The Instruction Definitions page opens up with the list of instructions on the right side of the window panel, as shown in the picture below.


    By default, Is Approval Required is true for all the instructions and there are no Intents assigned to any instructions. An admin user can update both Is Approval Required and Intents mapping with instructions.


    • If approvals are disabled for the application from 'App Configuration' page and on the other hand, approval is enabled for a 1E instruction, then it will not ask for approval at the time of execution for the instruction.

    • An admin user can retrieve 1E Instruction from 'App Configuration' page.

  3. To see the details of a specific instruction, click on the name of the instruction. A new screen opens up with the details on the instruction. On this page, click on the lock icon given against the Intent field as shown in the picture.

  4. This unlocks the intents and allows you to add intents from the pre-defined given list to the selected target record.

  5. When you start to type, a dropdown list will appear showing any matches for the text you've typed. Select one or more intents you want to add to the target record from the pre-defined given list, as shown in the picture below.

  6. Once you have added one or more intents, now click on the Update button to finish mapping intents to the instruction.

  7. After successful mapping of the intent to the instruction, you can now see that it is displayed on the Instruction Definition page as shown in the picture below.