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About TIMS

TIMS is a graphical user interface for authoring and testing Tachyon instructions, which can then be saved so they can be uploaded and used in your Tachyon system.

The instruction definition XML files that TIMS creates can be uploaded into Tachyon using the Tachyon Portal Setting application so that they can then be used within Tachyon, or combined with other instructions into a Product Pack zip.

TIMS makes it easy for you to:

  • Run instructions and verify the results they return from your client devices

  • Manage resources (such as files) which are associated with the instruction (question or action) you are developing

  • Save an instruction, and resources, as an XML file, which can be loaded into Tachyon and made available as a question or action

  • Sign an instruction with a different code signing certificate.

TIMS and the Tachyon client

TIMS contains a copy of the 1E Client, isolated from the local 1E Client installed on your computer. It has only the Tachyon client features enabled, other client modules are disabled. Earlier versions of TIMS contained a copy of Tachyon Agent.

Each version of TIMS is bound to its version of 1E Client, which does not have to be the same version as your local client, nor does it have to be the same architecture. This means you can have multiple versions of TIMS installed, and you can test your instructions against different versions of the client that you may have in your Tachyon system, or are planning to have. However, you can run only one copy of TIMS at any time.


Currently, TIMS is supported only on Windows OS.

For supported OS versions and other requirements please refer to version specific documentation.

The Tachyon Activity Record feature is enabled (module.inventory.enabled=true). It has its own database (Engine.Inventory.dat) which does not affect the database of the local client (Inventory.dat). This means you need to leave TIMS running if you want to accumulate data to test with, and each time you start TIMS it will continue adding to the database. If you are testing instructions with older versions of TIMS then take care not to be confused by data captured by later versions.


This documentation refers to the Tachyon Agent, which is an old name for 1E Client. It provides client modules for Content Distribution, PXE Everywhere, Shopping/WSA and WakeUp. The NomadContent Distribution client module has some methods available for use in DEXCode.