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Entity - EventSubscriptionAssignments - handles Event Subscription Assignments

Minimum API version 5.0

Note for API version 8.0

As of API version 8.0, all the EventSubscriptionAssignmets APIs "hide" from the caller any Management Group on which the caller does not have any Role assignment. This is intended for delegation of administration where the user is supposed to only manage a subset of endpoints, which are specified by means of Management Groups. The delegated administrator should only be able to see information related to his or her Management Groups, and not anything else in the organization. This is done transparently by the APIs unless otherwise noted, i.e., the API is called in the normal way as in previous versions, but the returned results are the ones that you would get if the only existing Management Groups were those on which you have any Role assignment. In other words, trying to access a specific information about event subscription assignments on which you have no rights on an assigned Management Group will return an error, and retrieving information about the event subscription assignment will return only the assigned Management Groups that are accessible to the calling user.




Permissions required



Assigns an EventSubscription to a Management Group

Write on EventSubscription



Returns a specific EventSubscription assignment object by its Id

Read on EventSubscription



Returns all event subscription assignments

Example response

        "Id": 4,
        "SubscriptionId": 2,
        "ManagementGroupId": 1

        "Id": 5,
        "SubscriptionId": 3,
        "ManagementGroupId": 1

Read on EventSubscription



Deletes a specific EventSubscription assignment object by its Id

Delete on EventSubscription