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Using the SDK can be as simple as instantiating a TachyonConnector object by using a constructor that requires the address of the root of the consumer API and the name of your Consumer.

This will create a connector using the DefaultTransportProxy (see below) for communicating with the Consumer API.

When you are finished with your connector, simply call Dispose on it.

TachyonConnector constructors

The connector class has 3 constructors available with the following signatures:

  1. public TachyonConnector(string apiRoot, string consumerName).

  2. public TachyonConnector(string apiRoot, string consumerName, ILogProxy logProxy).

  3. public TachyonConnector(string apiRoot, ITransportProxy connectionProxy, ILogProxy logProxy).

Constructors 1 & 2 are almost the same, the only difference being that the 2nd one allows you to pass in a logging object.

Constructor 3 is designed to allow for full customization of the connector's behavior. It does not take Consumer name, since the transport proxy will know it already and it will provide the versioned API root address to the connector.