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Installation and configuration

The RunInstruction tool is installed as part of the 1E Tachyon Toolkit, along with the optional Configuration Manager Console extensions. Please refer to Extending Tachyon documentation for the relevant version of your Tachyon Platform.

The default installation location is:


You can then copy the TachyonRunInstruction folder to be used elsewhere.


RunInstruction installation prerequisites:

Tachyon installed with its Consumer API web service - for example: https://tachyon.inv02.local/Consumer

In Tachyon make sure you have:

    • Tachyon user(s) with a known username and password

    • The TachyonRunInstruction consumer registered in Tachyon

    • Imported relevant Tachyon instructions into Tachyon

    • Permissioned imported instructions for the Tachyon user(s)

    • Permissioned for at least one Managament Group, for example All Devices.

    • Uploaded into Tachyon the instructions you wish to issue.

On the remote client you have:

    • .NET Framework 4.5 or later

    • A copy of the Tachyon Toolkit.

Registering a consumer

Register a consumer with Name Tachyon RunInstruction and Enable it. Its other properties can be left at their defaults.


If you use the -N option to specify a different consumer name at runtime, register and enable a different name prefixed with Tachyon RunInstruction.

If you use the -O option, specify the Offload target URL. For example https://tachyon.inv02.local/OffloadingClient/api/Responses

You can register multiple Consumers with variations of names and offloaders.

Go to the Tachyon Portal and navigate to Settings→Configuration→Consumers

The Tachyon Toolkit installer places these files in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\1E\Tachyon\Toolkit\TachyonRunInstruction.


Description & Notes


Provides logging.


JSON serialize deserialize library used to communicate with the Tachyon Consumer API.


SQLite library.


Library to access the Tachyon Consumer API.


The tool itself.


Configuration file for the tool, controlling logging etc.


Consumer API SDK library.

Tool configuration

Configuration is controlled by Tachyon.RunInstruction.exe.config - see above for its location. It controls logging and output, and should not need modification. Any output is sent both to the console and with more details to the logfile.

The default logfile path is:


The default logging level is INFO (which also displays errors and warnings). Read for more details about log configuration.