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Expression object

Expression element

        "Attribute": "",
        "Operator": "",
        "Value": "",
        "DataType": ""
  • Attribute - the columns or element to scope or filter on

  • Operator - defines the operator for the expression (from the above list)

  • Value - the expression

  • DataType - defines the attribute's data type.

The DataType property can be omitted in data sent to the API. It's designed for use by client code to validate the value set for given element.

Supported data types

  • string

  • integer

  • datetime

  • double

  • boolean

Handling boolean values

Boolean values can only be used with the equality operator comparing against words 'false' and 'true'.

Expression tree object

Expression tree

        "Operator": "",
        "Operands": []

Operator - defines the logical operator applied to the operands, it can be AND, OR and NOT

Expression - tree object follows normal logic operator rules, for example a tree object with an 'AND' will only return true if all expressions inside it are true while an object with 'OR' will return true if at least one expressions inside it is true.

'NOT' operator is a unary operator which negates whatever its sole operand evaluates to.

Operands - is an array of Expression elements defined above.