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Running instructions for the first time

A getting started guide to configuring and verifying your 1E system so that you can run customized instructions.

Aside from the Product Packs provided with Tachyon and the ones available from the 1E Exchange, Tachyon lets you add to its functionality by defining your own instructions, either by modifying existing ones or creating them from scratch.

This page describes how to prepare your Tachyon system to run your custom instructions; it does not provide a comprehensive reference for all the methods that you can use when defining your instructions, for that please refer to Writing instructions.

The process requires a Tachyon administrator to use the Server installation account to install a copy of the TIMS editor on the server, and test the code signing certificate. The certificate thumbprint and your prefix can then be registered with 1E who will update the Tachyon license after which you can run your instructions.