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Tachyon Agent SQL Functions

Alphabetic listing of Agent SQL functions. Under this page are separate pages with full details for each function.

In addition to SQLite functions, the Agent language takes advantage of SQLite extensibility by providing "application defined functions" for use in SELECT statements. SQL keywords and function names are not case-sensitive, but convention is to write them in UPPERCASE.

See the Agent SQL functions versions table on the Functions and Methods Reference page to know the earliest version of the Agent in which a SQL function was implemented.

Agent SQL Functions

  • BASENAMEFROMPATH— Takes a path as a string and returns the basename.

  • COMBINEPATHS— Takes two paths as strings, or a path and a basename as strings. It combines them and returns the result.

  • COMPAREVERSIONS— Compare two version strings.

  • DATETRUNC— Truncates a date-time value, expressed as a Unix epoch time integer, to a given resolution and returns a corresponding Unix epoch time integer.

  • DIRECTORYFROMPATH— Takes a path as a string and returns the parent directory of the basename.

  • EPOCHTOJSON— Takes a date-time value, expressed as a Unix epoch time in UTC, and returns a JSON-compatible (ISO-8601) string representation of that date-time, also in UTC.

  • EXPAND— Expands environment variables in a string

  • HASHSTRING— Produce a hash of a string value based on a named hashing algorithm

  • IPINRANGE— Determines if an IP Address is within a specified range or ranges.

  • IPV4STRTOINT— Converts an IPv4 address into an integer.

  • NEWID— Generates a new universally unique identifier (also known as a GUID)

  • REGEXP— Determines if a string matches a regular expression.

  • REGEXPCAPTURE— Uses a regular expression to capture matching parts from a string.

  • REGEXPREPLACE— Uses a regular expression to replace a string.