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This page lists every endpoint provided by the Consumer API which is a RESTful API consumed by the Endpoint Troubleshooting UI and other Consumers. Although 1E has other APIs, the Consumer API is the only one supported for use by third party Consumers.

The URL used for requests is https://{tachyonConsumerServer}/Consumer/{request}

The text shown in example responses is spaced out for readability, normally they are compacted JSON on a single line with no white space between fields to minimize transmitted data.

API endpoints can be viewed and tested using a tool like the Postman, Fiddler or Advanced REST client extension for Chrome, but your chosen tool must support Windows Authentication.


In lab and test environments it's possible to configure 1E to use Basic Authentication over HTTPS using tools that only support this protocol where you would pass credentials explicitly rather than rely on NTLM challenge/response authentication.

This is useful where the account context in which the API call is made is not the account context in which you'd like the call processed. For example, when interacting with subsystems such as Workflow you may wish to make calls in the context of the requester and the responder but without having to switch interactive desktop sessions as the caller.