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Running an Instruction

Use RunInstruction with the following parameters:

Tachyon.RunInstruction –I instruction_name [–P param1 param2 …] –C consumer_API_URL [-U username password] [-V] [-N ConsumerName] [-O] -D device1 [device2 …] | -F devices_file

If a parameter contains spaces, wrap it in double-quotes.

Option letters are not case-sensitive, and forward slashes can be used instead of hyphens for the options if desired. The options (followed by their associated values) can be in any order, but cannot be repeated.

RunInstruction parameters



-I instruction_name

Is the name of the Tachyon instruction to run, as defined in its product pack. The product pack must have been imported into Tachyon. Some instructions consist of a single word, others contain a number of space-separated words (where the value should be wrapped in quotes).

-C consumer_API_URL

Is the URL of the Tachyon Consumer API in the form https://server/Consumer or (from Tachyon v2.1) just https://server (although the /Consumer suffix can still be given).

-P param1 param2 ...

A list of the parameters (if any) the instruction requires. Some instructions do not take parameters. Read Instruction Parameters for details.

-U username

An optional account username to access the Tachyon Consumer API. If it's not specified the account of the user running the tool is used.


An optional account password to access the Tachyon Consumer API.


Give both a username and password or give neither.


An option specifying that device names should be verified against DNS and giving a warning for every device unrecognized by DNS. This is optional because it can be slow.

-N ConsumerName

The name that's passed to the server in the X-Tachyon-Consumer HTTP header. The default is "TachyonRunInstruction". Any custom consumer name must be prefixed with "TachyonRunInstruction".


Specifies that results of the instruction should be Offloaded according to the offloading configuration set for this Consumer on the Tachyon server.

-D device1 device2 ...

A list of one or more devices identified by their FQDNs (fully-qualified domain names). The (single) Tachyon instruction will only be sent to these devices.

-F devices_file

A file containing the list of devices identified by their FQDNs. The file can be either a text file with devices separated by whitespace (for example split per line or space- or tab-separated) or a .csv file with an FQDN column (case is not significant). Duplicates are filtered out. The (single) Tachyon instruction is only sent to these devices. This is an alternative to listing the devices on the command line.

Instruction parameters

All instruction parameters consist of a name and a value. Name matching is case-insensitive, but the case of each value is preserved. Every parameter name defined in the instruction’s manifest in the <ParamaterJson> section must be present with a value. Missing parameters and extra parameters are treated as an error. This tool does not validate the parameter value (for example, in terms of type or a pattern that can be defined in the manifest), only that a required value is present.

Each parameter has the format: name:value

The value can contain colon characters – The first colon marks the end of the name part. The value can be empty, for example tagvalue specifies an empty string value.