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Accessing the Consumer API

What am I going to need?

Any tool or programming language capable of issuing HTTP requests should be able to use the Tachyon Consumer API. This means you can use your tool of choice.

To help you use the Consumer API we have designed:

  • Tachyon .NET Consumer SDK - written in .NET and providing an abstraction layer to make working with Tachyon easier

  • Consumer API reference - describing available API endpoints, expected received and returned payloads, permissions

  • How to guides - to perform common operations in Tachyon using the Consumer API, c overing basic use-cases with examples in raw JSON payload and Tachyon .NET Consumer SDK.

Tachyon Server versions from 3.3 have documentation you can access with a web browser. Go to https://<MyTachyonServer>/Consumer/swagger/ui/index#/ (replace <MyTachyonServer> with the address of your Tachyon installation) to view the API documentation.

Use the the built-in swagger documentation as your primary guide regardless of your chosen tool or language and consider Consumer API Reference as back-up source.