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Using scope and filter expressions

How to use create Expression objects used by many API endpoints as filter or scope definitions.

Many API endpoints accept an expression that defines a search filter or scope for an instruction.

To use such API endpoint you have to create a JSON object describing that expression and send it in the body or your request. Because these expressions can be very complex, they are not used in query strings of GET requests and only utilized in the body of a POST or PUT request.

Expressions used both for filtering and scope definition have the same structure, so this page applies to both types. Attributes of filter expressions depend on the API endpoint (and the entity bring filtered) and will be listed in the endpoint's documentation. Scope attributes are pre-defined and more information can be found here: Defining the scope.

Lastly, many API endpoints which allow filtering also allow sorting. Sort expressions have a different syntax and more information on that can be found on theSort Definitionpage.