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Key features and concepts of the 1E PowerShell Toolkit

The toolkit allows you to use PowerShell to automate the platform by exposing many features as PowerShell cmdlets. This includes deploying and managing instructions, management of users and roles, creation of management groups, and many other features. The toolkit is implemented in PowerShell itself.


This toolkit is being continuously developed and so the feature list may change at any point; documentation will be updated accordingly. For latest changes, please refer to Release history.

Please refer to Installing the 1E PowerShell Toolkit for detail about installation and the toolkit's files.

Important note about the PowerShell ISE (integrated scripting environment)

When you request PowerShell by typing 'PowerShell' at the Windows start prompt, you are taken into an instance of the PowerShell ISE, not a standard PowerShell session. While the PowerShell Toolkit will work within the ISE, there are two important considerations:

  • The interactive search feature is not available because the PowerShell ISE does not emulate the single character keyboard input functionality that is used

  • Scripts run under the ISE run much slower than they do in a regular PowerShell environment. This is because the ISE is intended primarily for script debugging.

Consequently, in most situations, you should run the PowerShell Toolkit from a regular PowerShell session. You can start a regular session by just typing 'PowerShell' from the Windows command prompt.