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PowerShell Core support

PowerShell Core is Microsoft's platform-neutral implementation of PowerShell. It can be installed to run side-by-side with standard PowerShell.

The PowerShell Core interpreter is called 'pwsh.exe' to distinguish it from the legacy 'powershell.exe'.

The toolkit has been tested against PowerShell Core 7.0.3 and is fully functional on the Windows platform.

Note that PowerShell Core is considerably more performant than legacy PowerShell. Consequently, if you are running instructions that return large amounts of data, you may find it worthwhile installing PS Core and running the toolkit under that. In tests, some operations ran up to five times faster in PS Core.

Note that using PS Core with the toolkit has no impact on the software that is running on 1E platform devices. When you run instructions using the toolkit, the software environment under which the instruction executes at each device can be quite different than the environment from which you are controlling the instruction execution. In other words, using PowerShell Core to invoke instructions using the toolkit does not require PowerShell Core on the target devices.