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Tachyon Experience management cmdlets

Cmdlets that let you manage and interact with the Tachyon Experience subsystem.


Returns available investigation categories within the Experience subsystem.

Get-TachyonInvestigationCategoryMetric -Name <category name>

Returns the available metrics for a given investigation category.

Get-TachyonInvestigationCategoryAttribute -Name <category name>

Returns the category attributes (if any) for a given investigation category.

Get-TachyonMetricInformation [-Name <name>]|[-Id <id>]

Returns information about all Experience metrics or information for a specific metric by name or Id.

Get-TachyonSurvey [-Name <name>]|[-Id <id>]

Returns information about all User Experience (sentiment) surveys or information for the survey whose name or id is specified.

Get-TachyonSurveyResponse -Id <id>

Returns any survey responses for the survey whose Id is specified. Note that this Id is returned as the SourceId member property from the Get-TachyonSurvey cmdlet.

Remove-TachyonSurvey [-Name <name>]|[-Id <id>]

Deletes the survey specified by the name or id parameter.

Export-TachyonSurvey -Name <name> -Path <path>

Exports the survey whose name is defined, to a file as JSON. This file can then be used with the Import-TachyonSurvey cmdlet.

Import-TachyonSurvey -Name <name> -Path <path>

Imports the survey from an export file specified by the -Path parameter. The survey is given the name defined by the -Name parameter.


An imported survey is initially set to have a status of Disabled. Use the Enable-TachyonSurvey cmdlet to enable it subsequent to import.

Enable-TachyonSurvey -Id <id>

Enables the survey specified by the Id.

Disable-TachyonSurvey -Id <id>

Disables the survey specified by the Id.

Get-TachyonTopic [-Name <name>]|[-Id <id>]

Returns any topics associated with the Experience subsystem or information for the topic whose name or Id is specified.