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Workflow management cmdlets

When you instantiate an action via invoke-instruction or via a generated cmdlet or the dynamic search cmdlet, the action will normally be queued in a workflow state indicating that the action is awaiting authentication.

There is a configurable timeout in the coordinator configuration file, which by default is set to 10 minutes as shown here.

  <add key="OTPExpirySeconds" value="600" />

An instruction which times out from the awaiting authentication state will transition to 'rejected'. If you invoke an action and then it is not approved in this timeframe, the invoke-instruction cmdlet will throw an exception when the instruction transitions to 'rejected'.


Some other Tachyon operations may also require workflow approval. For example, scheduling an instruction requires approval, whether or not the scheduled instruction itself is a question or action.

You explicitly approve or deny an instruction via workflow by using the cmdlets below. Remember that you cannot self-approve your own actions, therefore you will need at least two accounts, one that is Actioner or Full Administrator, and another that is Approver or Full Administrator. Approval can be done using the Tachyon Explorer UI or the PowerShell cmdlets to perform the approval or rejection process.