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Shopping 6.1

Setting up Configuration Manager sites

How to add Configuration Manager primary sites into the Shopping Admin console.

Adding Configuration Manager Primary sites

The Shopping Central installer automatically adds the Configuration Manager Central Site to the list of Sites in the Shopping Admin console. You must manually add all other Primary Sites where Shopping is made available. To make Shopping available, install the Shopping Receiver on the Primary Site. This is a security feature and also to ensure that content is made available at the Site before users are able to request applications.

To add a Configuration Manager Primary Site:

  1. In the Shopping Admin console, right-click the Sites node.

  2. From the context menu, choose Add ConfigMgr Primary Sites.

    Adding Configuration Manger primary sites from the Shopping Admin console
  3. In the Add ConfigMgr Sites dialog, choose the primary sites to add from the Unselected ConfigMgr Sites list and click Add.

    Selecting the primary sites to add
  4. Click OK.