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Shopping 6.1

Configuring AD synchronization

Shopping uses AD accounts/groups to define various roles in the Shopping process. It also relies heavily on the use of email accounts that must be associated with the AD account/group being used. In addition, it enables a user's AD defined manager to be used as an Approver.

With this in mind, Shopping provides a synchronization mechanism to keep its internally held records in line with the ones held in AD.

Controlling AD synchronization frequency

You can control the frequency of the AD synchronization using the following two Shopping Console settings:

The first synchronization occurs shortly after the Shopping Central service starts, and thereafter according to the above frequency settings.

Information synchronized with AD

Specifically, Shopping holds the following information for users, their managers, Approvers and their explicitly set deputies and updates it on a regular basis:

User information


Information synchronized


User's email

User's full name

User's manager

User's manager

Manager's full name

Manager's email


Approver's email

Approver's Full name

Approver's explicitly set deputy

Deputy's email

Deputy's full name