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1E 23.7 (SaaS)

The PXE Everywhere Central installer

The PXE Everywhere Central installer is included in the PXE Everywhere zip file that can be downloaded from the Nomad area of the 1E Support Portal.

Before you begin installation, please ensure you have reviewed Design Considerations andRequirements pages, and the installation steps below.

The installer is used to:

  • Install PXE Everywhere Central on any server that has IIS and other prerequisites installed

  • Install PXE Everywhere Admin Tools on any computer that has Configuration Manager Admin Console installed.

Both can be installed on a typical Configuration Manager site server.

A single instance of PXE Everywhere Central is required in any given environment. It can be installed on any server but must have good connectivity to the Configuration Manager database, preferably on the same subnet. The installer adds some stored procedures to the Configuration Manager database, where are used by the PXE Everywhere Central Web service whenever queried by PXE Everywhere Agents.

PXE Everywhere Admin Tools are required for preparing the Windows PE boot images for use by PXE Everywhere Agents, as described in Preparing and deploying 1E PXE Everywhere boot images. If you are only here to install the Admin Tools then you can skip to the PXE Everywhere Admin Tools installation steps.