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1E 23.7 (SaaS)

By Device table

The table column headings and descriptions for the By Device table.

The By Device table

The following table shows the headings in the By Device table, accessible from the Inventory→By Device node in the navigation console:

Column heading


Host Name

The name for the device. This is a link that navigates to the Product Details table for the selected device.

Last Inventory Date

The date when inventory information was last returned for the device.

Computer Type

The type of the device. For example Workstation, Desktop, Laptop, Server or Virtual Machine etc.

Device Model

The model for the device. For example: Virtual Machine, Surface Pro 3, Optiplex 910 etc.


The Operating System installed on the device. For example Windows 10 Pro.

Number of Unnormalized Software Records

The number of unnormalized software records associated with the device, i.e. the number of installed software titles on the device that couldn't be automatically matched by 1E Catalog. This is formatted as a link, click to match the records to the catalog.

Number of Normalized Software Records

The number of normalized software records associated with the device, i.e. the number of software titles installed on the device that were matched by 1E Catalog.