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1E 23.7 (SaaS)


Determines the outcome of Nomad elections.

Registry value

Default value


Installer property


The registry value does not exist, and dynamic election weighting is used.

Nomad performs automatic weighting depending on its situation, according to the criteria listed below, and stores the value in memory (not registry). The higher the value, the greater the probability of winning the election.

  • 61 – the agent is running on a server OS and it is not a domain controller (DC)

  • 40 – the agent is running on a laptop

  • 30 – the agent is running on a wireless network

  • 10 – the agent is running on WinPE

  • 50 – default

If necessary, you can use the P2PElectionWeight registry setting to increase or decrease a Nomad client's probability of being elected a master. The range for this registry value must be between 0 and 99 inclusive. If not set, Nomad uses the values listed above.

  • The registry key is located at: HKLM\software\1e\NomadBranch\P2PElectionWeight

To take effect after setting the registry value, the client sevice must be restarted.

This method is not recommended because Nomad is already quite efficient in the way it elects a master and needs very little intervention in this process. However, you may want to reduce the chance of computers with low processing power, or prevent critical servers, becoming a master.

You should also consider the following points before you influence the weighting:

  • Use this technique in exceptional circumstances and only after testing has shown that you need to make a particular computer more or less likely to be elected as a master for specific operational reasons.

  • Choose the simplest weighting strategy possible - for example, set servers at 90, laptops at 10 and workstations at 50.

  • The weighting does not guarantee that the more heavily weighted computers will win the election – they may be turned off or another local peer may have already cached more of the requested content.

  • The final weighting value used by the computer during an election may differ from the registry value as Nomad will automatically adjust it depending on the chassis and the network connection used.

  • In the event you no longer need the values to be set, you should remove it and restart the service to resume dynamic election weighting.

Setting to 0 is a special case called Sensitive server weighting designed for use on critical servers. The 0 value prevents Nomad from acting as master, and devices with this value will not respond to election requests.