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1E 23.7 (SaaS)


Value (in bytes) for the minimum size of each block of data Nomad copies from the package source folder.


Any change to this value requires a manual service restart before it can take effect.

Registry value

Default value


Installer property



Must be between 4096(4KB) to 4194304(4MB) inclusive.

  • The default block size is 128KB

  • The maximum block size is 4MB

  • Multicast environments can only use the default block size. If you define a larger value for multicast environments, Nomad automatically resets it to the default.

  • Clients use the block size defined in the registry and ignore the values from the LSZ


The Dynamic Block Size (DBS) feature increases block size on high-bandwidth links to get maximum efficiency, and reduces it on low-bandwidth links to reduce the impact. Using DBS, Nomad is able to automatically decide the appropriate block size for a given link bandwidth and also adjust it as needed during the download if the link conditions change. As a result, Nomad is far more efficient and faster on all types of connection bandwidths while retaining its minimal impact on other link traffic.


DBS is enabled or disabled by configuring Bit 25 in the CompatibilityFlags registry. Setting Bit 25 disables DBS and clearing Bit 25 enables DBS.

In Nomad 7.0 onwards, the DBS feature is turned off by default for new installations, and not changed for upgrades.

Prior to v6.3 the default value of BlockSize registry setting was 32KB (0x8000). From v6.3 onwards the default is 128KB (0x20000).

The installer automatically sets this to 128KB for both fresh installs and upgrades from previous versions. The only exceptions to this are:

  • It will use the specified value if the BLOCKSIZE property is used in the installation command line or in a MST transform, when doing a fresh install or upgrade

  • It will retain the previous value of BLOCKSIZE if it was set to anything other than 32KB (the older default), when doing an upgrade.