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1E 23.7 (SaaS)


Determines which error codes will cause Nomad to retry a download using an alternative distribution point.

Registry value

Default value


Installer property


0x205A, 0x205D

This registry entry contains a comma-separated list of return codes, see Nomad return codes for a list of the possible ones. If Nomad encounters one of these during download it will attempt a retry from an alternative DP. It gets the list of possible DPs from Configuration Manager. The two return codes set as default are the only ones that are applicable to DP availability:

  • 0x205A – in valid special package path (set using --pp)

  • 0x205D – DP path not found

Under normal circumstances, you would not change this from the default value. You may want to not allow failover to an alternative DP altogether, in which case you would set the value to " " in the registry. Or you may only want to failover if the DP path was not found, in which case you would set the value to 0x205D only.

This installer property should be set to a string containing the comma-separated hex values. For example the following sets Nomad to failover to the next DP only when the DP path was not found:

> msiexec /i 1E.Client-x64.msi DPNOTAVAILABLECODES="0x205D" [other properties] /qn