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1E 23.7 (SaaS)

Audit information log page

The Audit information log page lets you view information on who is using 1E what actions they are performing.

The Audit information log table




The type of event. For example Instruction Onboarding events let you know who has been loading instructions into 1E.


Description of the actual event that occurred. For example Instruction definitions added to Instruction set 'Verification' lets you know that some instructions were added to a particular instruction set.


The user who performed the action being logged. For example ACME\TCNInstaller01 identifies the user who added instruction definitions to an instruction set.

Date created

The date and time the logged action occurred.

Detail message

Clicking the 232785940.png icon displays the Detail message for that row as a pop-up. The popup provides additional information related to the log item.