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1E 23.7 (SaaS)

Email and 2FA requirements

You will need to decide if you want to use the Email and two-factor authentication features.

Email for Users and Approvers

Each 1E user and approver should have an email address, otherwise they will not receive emails when actions require authentication or approval. Email addresses are mandatory if two-factor authentication is enabled.

If a Group is assigned rights in 1E to approve actions, and the Group has an email address, then 1E will use that. However, a group member will receive emails only if your organization's mail system supports group emails and the member has an email address. If the Group does not have an email address, then 1E will look up group members and send emails to any member that has an email address. Irrespective of whether the Group has an email address, members must have emails addresses in order to receive emails.


If your organization uses separate accounts for user and administration tasks, then you should consider the impact of using admin accounts for 1E if they do not have associated email addresses.

Two-factor Authentication requirements

If the 2FA feature is enabled, 1E users are prompted to enter a one-time authentication code in addition to their password in order to confirm they want to submit an action instruction.

The one-time authentication code is sent to the user by email. The two-factor authentication feature requires email.