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1E 23.7 (SaaS)

Introducing 1E Patch Insights

1E Patch Insights provides an overview of the last mile patching required on your environment. It is centered around the final stages of your monthly patching process, with a view to allow you to identify the problematic devices in your environment. At this point of its development, Patch Insights does not remediate the cause of patch failures, or the inability to reach devices, but gives a view of these, and once manual remediation action has been taken, the ability exists within Patch Insights to redeploy the failed patches, using the power of 1E.

Patch Insights from 1E is an important part of keeping your devices secure, performant and healthy, this has become even more important than ever with hybrid work becoming the norm and employees embracing remote work. Patch Insights brings visibility, clarity, and peace of mind around device patching. Research and testing is made easier with comprehensive device and patch views. Vulnerabilities can be detected and closed in real-time using the patch-view dashboard, and the power of Actions, via Endpoint Troubleshooting.