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1E 23.7 (SaaS)

Stage 1E Client Package

Downloads the 1E Client package ready for installation by the Install 1E Client Task Sequence step. It's typically executed in Windows PE and must be included before the Install 1E Client step in the task sequence.

This custom action is available in the 1E Nomad task sequence actions.



When run, this task:

  • Downloads the 1E Client package and sets the path in the task sequence NomadInstallPath variable.

This task sequence action must:

  • Only be run in the provisioning phase just before Setup Windows and ConfigMgr task sequences

  • Refer to a Nomad package containing a single .msi ( 1E.Client-x64.msi/1E.Client-x86.msi), which is run on the client, the package can also contain a single Windows Installer Transform (.mst file) and a single Windows Installer Patch (.msp file) that will be applied when the Install 1E Client step is executed.

Configurable parameters


Default value



Stage 1E Client Package

Name for the custom task sequence step


Action to stage the 1E Client package for installation in the new OS.

Description for the custom task sequence step.

1E Client Package


Name of the 1E Client package.