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1E 23.7 (SaaS)

Deploying the 1E Client

As part of the provisioning process you will have been provided with an installer command-line that installs the 1E Client for use with your 1E instance. You will need to get the correct installer for the 1E Client and deploy that to all the devices you intend to manage with Tachyon, using the provided command-line and the deployment tool of your choice.

You can download all of the associated files for 1E 8.2, including the 8.2 version of the 1E Client from the Support portal

As part of the Provisioning process, you will have provided to 1E a .PEM containing your organisation's Certificate Authority trust chain to help secure your 1E instance against connections from untrusted parties. 1E will only trust a 1E Client device if it presents a trusted certificate from the same CA. So any device you want to manage with Tachyon must have the 1E Client installed and be provisioned with a certificate from your private key infrastructure.

Installation on first device

On the first device that you want to connect to your 1E instance we recommend doing a manual installation by simply executing the 1EClient-x64.msi with the command line provided in the successful provisioning email from an elevated command prompt.

The installation is silent and takes about 15 seconds to complete. You can confirm that the installation was successful by looking at Services.msc, you will see two new services 1E Client and 1E Nomad Branch or you can review the installation log that are located C:\Users\<loggedonUser>\AppData\Temp\Tachyon-Install.log.

Verifying the installation of the 1E Client

After the installation of the 1E Client you will be able to confirm that the installation was successful by going to the Endpoint Troubleshooting application, here you will see that you have 1 online device.


Follow the verification step to confirm that the installation was successful and you are able to get a response from a question. Additional information on verifying the 1E Client installation can be found here:

Installing 1E Client on other endpoints

There are several methods to do this and most customer will have a software deployment tool already in use, this is typically Microsoft Endpoint Manager or Microsoft Intune. Your account team will be happy to discuss deployment options with you.

Installing 1E Client on non-windows devices

If you are interested in using Tachyon on non-windows Operating Systems, then you can download the installation file from the 1E Support Portal. You can find a list of supported Operating Systems