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1E 23.7 (SaaS)

Installing and upgrading

How to set up Dashboards, including a guide to upgrading, and using 1E Setup to install the Dashboards Hotfix bundle.


This version of Dashboards is available as a Hotfix bundle. The latest Accumulated Hotfix for 1E Platform Server 8.1 includes some platform changes that are required for the app to work. Dashboards is not included in the 1E Platform zip that is used to install platform servers and other applications.

If you have not already installed 1E platform 8.1, please refer to Installing 1E.

You also need to have a Dashboards license added to your 1E license, which you can obtain from your 1E Account Team. It is included as a consumer in the 1E license file. You do not need the license to install the app, but you do need the license to see the app in the 1E portal and in the Switch app menu.

Next, download the latest Accumulated Hotfix bundle for 1E server 8.1 from the Then use setup to install the Hotfix bundle from the setup Maintenance screen. Please refer to Upload and apply a 1E Hotfix bundle.Upload and apply a 1E Hotfix bundle

What the Hotfix bundle does

Installing the Hotfix bundle using Tachyon Setup will:

  • Add a new Dashboards app to the Tachyon Platform portal

  • Upload a new product pack and create the 1E ExecutiveDashboard instruction set from it

  • Create a new role Dashboards User that allows access to the Tachyon Dashboards app and has Questioner permissions to the 1E ExecutiveDashboard instruction set.

Post-install configuration

To view and use Dashboards, a 1E user must be assigned to the new role Dashboards User, or be assigned to the Full Administrator role. The Dashboards User role, aside from allowing access to the app, also has permissions to run the questions in the 1E ExecutiveDashboard instruction set that feed information to the tiles on the Exec Dashboard page.