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1E 23.7 (SaaS)

Patch Insights DEXPacks reference

Reference information for Patch Insights feature-related DEXPacks. These DEXPacks are required to support various features of Patch Insights.

Additional DEXPacks are available from The 1E Exchange ( that are not documented here.

Classic DEXPacks contain instructions, for use in 1E Endpoint Troubleshooting and other 1E applications.

Integrated DEXPacks contain policies, rules and fragments for use by 1E Endpoint Automation, and may also include instructions.

1E Patch Insights DEXPack

Classic DEXPack used to create the 1E Patch Insights instruction set in 1E, required by the following Patch Insights features:

  • Deploy or download specific patch(es) to targeted devices

  • Return the event logs for a given KB

  • Reboot the targeted devices in a given number of seconds

  • Resolve patch metadata

  • Generate an immediate Patch.FullInventory even for the Patch Insights consumer.