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1E 23.7 (SaaS)


Basic verification tests that cover a single-server installation of Tachyon Server. These tests only cover Tachyon and do not verify the configuration of 1E client modules with other 1E products.


Please ensure you complete all verification tests. They not only confirm your system is operational, but they also introduce you to concepts and tasks that you will use later when using 1E.

These tests should be run in series. They start with basic server checks, then testing 1E Clients, and finally, use the verification instructions from the 1E-TachyonPlatform product pack to do end-to-end tests that confirm all components are working. Depending on the decisions you have made during the design phase of your implementation, you may need additional tests to verify your Tachyon implementation.

To run these tests, you need:

  1. Tachyon Server installed with Tachyon Experience configured.

  2. At least one test device on which the 1E Client has been installed.

  3. The Tachyon platform has already been verified following the Verifying page which requires a Tachyon User with various administration rights.

  4. Access to the SQL Server database instance and SQL Server Analysis Services instance to check the Experience database.

  5. To complete the test below requires a Tachyon User assigned to Experience Administrators role.

Verify Tachyon and Experience installation





  • Check the configuration of the Experience Consumer

In Settings - Configuration - Consumers

Experience should be licensed and Enabled

Check your Tachyon License file for the Experience consumer Enable = on. If this is not present or not enabled, contact for a new license file.

  • Check the TachyonExperience Database

Open SQL Management Studio. Connect to the Database Engine and expand Databases - TachyonExperience should be listed.