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1E 23.7 (SaaS)

1E Dashboards post-installation tasks

Post-installation tasks, which include verification checks and mandatory and optional configuration tasks.

Required tasks

The following tasks must be performed post-installation of the Dashboards patch, before enabling access to the application for your execs.

Accessing 1E Dashboards

The application will be available after installation using the following URL. For example:


https://<platform URL>/1E/App/#/dashboards/overview

Configuring the Perception of IT survey

You have the following options:

  • Create a new sentiment survey called Perception of IT (recommended)

  • Clone an existing sentiment survey with the name Perception of IT

  • Do not use the feature - the tile will show no data, but the DEX Sentiment score will reflect any other Experience sentiment surveys that have been deployed.

For more details on creating Experience surveys, please refer to Getting feedback via Sentiment Surveys.


The Perception of IT chart may show one of the following errors or messages:

  • Error no data - if the survey does not exist, or has been created with the wrong name. To remove error, you can create the survey, but you do not need to enable or deploy it

  • No Survey Responses - if the survey exists, but is not enabled and deployed

  • Experience Not Licensed- if your implementation does not have a license for Experience Analytics.

These messages and their error handling may change in a future version of Exec Dashboard.

Create a new sentiment survey called Perception of IT

Ensure you name the survey Perception of IT. In this version of Dashboards, it is not possible to specify a different survey name.

To create the survey, you will need to use Experience Analytics and have the Experience Administrator role:

  1. Navigate to the User Engagement page in Experience Analytics.

  2. Click on the New Engagement button.

  3. On the New Engagement page, ensure the Sentiment Survey tab is selected.

  4. Fill out the fields on the page according to the following recommendations:




    This must be set to Perception of IT.


    This should be set to a question that is relevant to how you want your end-users to answer the response. For example, you could set this to: How would you rate the performance of your IT department?, as this matches with the Visual Rating 5 template responses available to the end-users: Very Poor, Poor, Average, Good and Very Good. The exact wording of the question is down to your business requirements, but it should at least match the available responses to avoid confusion.


    This should be set to a description that helps your end-users understand why the survey is being asked and how they can respond appropriately. This provides your end-users with more context as to why they are being asked to respond. For example, this could be set to: We would like to see if we're doing a good job of providing you with IT services. The exact wording of the description is down to your business requirements, but it should be phrased to encourage your end-users to think about how to best respond to the survey.

    'Read more' link

    You could provide your end-users with more details on the importance of the survey with the Read more link, but this is entirely down to your own judgment as to how you want to guide them.

    Prompt question every n days

    This option determines when your end-users are prompted to answer the survey. You should select an appropriate period, so as not to repeatedly prompt them with requests to fill out the survey, but enough to remind them that it is there. A value of 7 days could be reasonable, this would mean that your end-users would be prompted to fill out the survey each week. Remember that they can choose to fill out the survey using the Real-time Control Center menu at any time, regardless of how often they are prompted.

    Use template

    On the Exec Dashboard page, the results for the Perception of IT survey will be displayed according to the average responses for each user and how that average falls into the response options for the Visual Rating 5 template. For this reason, we recommend that you set Use template to Visual Rating 5 correspondingly, although the responses are averaged out, so it's not critical that this matches.

    Select icon family

    On the Exec Dashboard page, the results for the Perception of IT survey will be displayed using the smiley face icon family, so we recommend that you choose this option for the survey.

    Allow free text entry

    Setting this option is entirely your own choice. The display of the results for the Perception of IT survey on the Exec Dashboard page do not reflect this additional information, but this information can be viewed in the Experience App.

  5. When the fields for the sentiment survey in the New Engagement page have been set, click Save to store them. You will be prompted that Pending engagement changes to be deployed. This indicates that extra steps are needed before the survey is active.

  6. Check the checkbox at the left-hand end of the newly saved Perception of IT survey, and then click the Enable Selection button. Answer Yes to the Enable Selection prompt subsequently displayed.

  7. Check the checkbox at the left-hand end of the newly enabled Perception of IT survey, and then click the Assign Mgmt Grp button.

  8. In the Assign Management Groups popup, select a Management Group to assign to the survey. This will set the devices that will be targeted with the survey. Click Save to store the assignment.


    You might want to consider assigning the survey to a Management Group that contains some locally accessible test devices so that you can see how the survey will appear to your end-users. When you roll out the complete survey, you may want to target All Devices - or you may choose to send your survey to one department at a time, as long as you have created Management Groups that select those department devices. Bear in mind that the results in the Dashboards are presented as if they represent the responses for the end-users across the whole organization, so the most appropriate may be the All Devices Management Group, or one that specifically targets all end-user devices.

  9. Click the Deploy button to send the survey to the devices targeted via the assigned Management Group.

Verify installation


You must perform the verification tests provided on the Verifying page. Those tests reference each of the required tasks below.