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1E 23.7 (SaaS)


Determines if content in Nomad's cache (packages, applications, software updates, boot images, etc.) is registered with Content Distribution. Content registration is necessary if a host is to be available as a Single Site Download (SSD) provider or can be woken up if a Nomad peer requires the content locally.

Registry value

Default value


Installer property

Platform\ ContentRegistration


To enable content registration, update the value to 1 – it is found under the Platform\ContentDistribution

To enable SSD when you install Nomad, you must specify the MODULE.NOMAD.SSDENABLED installer property and ensure the Tachyon client is enabled by specifying SWITCH and BACKGROUNDCHANNELURL installer properties. If MODULE.NOMAD.SSDENABLED is specified during installation, the registry value of ContentRegistration is automatically set to 1.

If you want to enable SSD as a provider after installation, then you also need to configure the registry values for SSDEnabled and ContentRegistration, in addition to enabling the Tachyon client. The ContentDistribution registry setting is found under the Platform key.

In legacy versions of Nomad, Platform features were provided using ActiveEfficiency. This required the PlatformURL setting to be configured. This is no longer required. You will see that the PlatformURL registry is used, but this is configured automatically by Nomad on startup by querying the value that the Tachyon client is using (stored in the 1EClient.conf file).