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1E 23.7 (SaaS)


A general methodology for investigating issues with Dashboards, as well as identifying key issues and their resolutions.

1E Support contact details

Support Web portal

Maintenance support customers can log onto the 1E Support Web Portal at using the login details provided with their maintenance contract. This provides issue tracking, product hotfixes, and knowledge base articles related to each product.

Telephone support

Maintenance support customers can contact the technical support department at 1E through the following support numbers. Just phone the relevant number for your area, so your call can be routed quickly and efficiently to the correct support group:

  • US/Canada:

1-866-349-4032 (Toll-Free)

1-917-339-2360 (Standard)

  • UK/Europe:

+44 (0)208 326 3499

  • India:

+91 120 402 4002

  • Australia:

+61 739 111 118

Email support

Maintenance customers can use the following email for additional support. Evaluation customers can also use this email with the temporary access code that is provided through as part of their evaluation.


You are recommended to review and apply hotfixes on a monthly basis. Hotfixes are provided in Hotfix Bundles and in Monthly Updates, which are installed using 1E Setup. Please refer to Maintenance.Maintenance

Creating a technical report

If possible, please obtain the following details and log files before contacting 1E, to include in your technical report.

Version details
  • The OS, version number, and patch level for:

    • 1E Servers

    • 1E Client

    • Configuration Manager - if used

    • Other 1E Server software, for example, Shopping, Nightwatchman, and WakeUp.

  • For Content Distribution and Shopping, please provide OS, version number, and patch level for:

    • Configuration Manager DPs

    • Content Distribution extensions used on Configuration Manager Consoles

    • ActiveEfficiency Server.

Environmental details
  • If there were any recent changes made to your configuration

  • The name of the machines, Configuration Manager Application and/or Package IDs for when the issue occurred

Problem details
  • When did the issue occur, ensure log files cover this period

  • The scope of the issue – did it affect a particular geographical location, group of users, or client machines

  • Details of any self-help troubleshooting steps you carried out

  • In the event of a service crash or if you are experiencing high CPU or memory usage, provide us with the dump file, event viewer logs, and traces. We will provide you with FTP details to upload these files.

Log files

Below is a summary, please refer to the Log files page for more details.

1E Setup log files

1E Setup creates a Setup log file for itself and an Install log for each of the components (if used) in the same folder as itself:

  • BIInstall.log

  • CatalogInstall.log

  • ContentDistribution.log

  • SLAInstall.log

  • Tachyon.Setup.log

  • TachyonInstall.log

1E Server log files

For any issue, please provide a zip containing log files from the following locations:

  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E\Catalog\*.log

  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E\ContentDistribution\*.log

  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E\Platform Consumers\*.log

  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E\SLA Platform\*.log

  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E\Tachyon\*.log

If you are having licensing issues, please include:

  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E\Licensing\*

1E Client log files
1E Client logs on Windows

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E\Client\1E.Client.log (Used by 1E Client and 1E features, and Shopping client).


1E Client logs on macOS

/Library/Logs/1E.Client.Daemon.log (shows any service start errors)

/Library/Logs/1E.Client.log (shows the current operation of the 1E Client)

1E Client logs on other non-Windows platforms


Content Distribution client log


PXE Everywhere Agent log


Shopping WSA client log


WakeUp client log



By default, Windows resolves %ALLUSERSPROFILE% as C:\ProgramData\

Known issues

Lists of the current known issues for implementing, configuring and using Dashboards.




After initially installing the Hotfix bundle, when navigating to the Exec Dashboard page and then selecting to view earlier months, an error is displayed in the Tachyon Managed Devices tile.

This is because some of the data that is used for the Tachyon Managed Devices tile has not yet been generated.

You will need to wait for the first scheduled aggregated data sync to run at 23:59 UTC to happen. After this sync has run, the error will not be displayed.

If the Tachyon Managed Devices drawer is open on the Exec Dashboard page, and the month selector is used to change to another month, the data in the drawer is not updated to reflect the change.

The update is not being handled in the drawer correctly, so the information displayed is not updated when the month changes.

To view the correct data, close and then re-open the Tachyon Managed Devices drawer by clicking on the Tachyon Managed Devices tile.

An error occurred message appears when clicking on the Detailed View link on the Perception of IT tile to display the Perception of IT details drawer.

This occurs when the selected month doesn't have any data for the Perception of IT sentiment survey.

Refresh the page and the Detailed View option to display information on the Perception of IT survey results is no longer displayed.

The tooltips used to provide information on the screen refer to manual actions.

This text should refer to manual or scheduled actions.


The text An error occurred appears on the Perception of IT tile.

This text appears when the Perception of IT survey has not yet been created in Tachyon Experience.

An Experience Analytics administrator should create and save the Perception of IT survey.

Implementation Issues

Troubleshooting common issues that you may be having with implementing the 1E Hotfix bundle.

Post-application of the Hotfix bundle
Dashboards - 1E Labs not displayed

If the Dashboards - 1E Labs tile is not displayed on the Tachyon home page, check that you have a valid Tachyon license that includes the Dashboards app. You ask your 1E Account Team to get your license updated.

In a rare cases, if the Dashboards - 1E Labs tile is still not visible after the Hotfix bundle has been applied, an IIS reset might be required.

Issues with the 1E ExecutiveDashboard instruction set

If the instruction set is not visible on the Instructions→Instruction sets page in the Settings app, check that you have a valid Tachyon license that includes the Dashboards app.

If the instruction set is visible but does not contain any instructions, check the Tachyon.Setup.log, located in the same directory as Tachyon.Setup.exe,to see if there was an attempt to upload the instructions that failed due to licensing issues.

Search for entries that contain the following text (time and date stamps have been left out of the text):

ERROR Tachyon.ProductPackDeploymentTool - The server reported an error while uploading ... ... [{"ErrorCode":"ProductPack.SsiIsNot1ESigned"

This may indicate that your license is not configured correctly to license the Dashboards app.

Issues with the Dashboards User custom role

If the role has not been created, there were probably errors during the installation of the Hotfix bundle, please check the Tachyon.Setup.log file, located in the same directory as Tachyon.Setup.exe.