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1E 23.7 (SaaS)


What you will need to prepare in advance of implementing a Tachyon Server in your network. Typically, these are tasks that may take some time to organize, depending on how your organization works.

You will already have installed Experience using Tachyon Setup. To do this, you required the following:

  • A full installation of Tachyon including deployments of clients

  • Experience must be a licensed and enabled consumer

  • Guaranteed State must be a licensed and enabled consumer

  • The Inventory module of the 1E Client must be enabled on the devices.


Experience and Guaranteed State do not need to be licensed to install Experience, but they must be licensed to use Experience. See Tachyon License file details.

Guaranteed State does not need to be configured to install or enable Experience, nor do any Guaranteed State policies need to be created. For customers that are not using Guaranteed State in their environment, the Deploy button in Guaranteed State must be clicked one time to allow Experience policies to be deployed and enabled on the devices.


Experience does not require SQL Server Analysis Server (SSAS) because it no longer uses a Cube. It continues to require SQL Server for its database.

Supported Platforms

Please refer to:

Active Directory and Tachyon users

A domain account or security group that is a Tachyon user is required with the following 1E roles applied, depending on what you want to do with Experience Analytics.

To use Experience Analytics, you must assign the role:

  • Experience Viewers

To view Experience Surveys and Survey responses you must additionally assign the role:

  • Survey Viewer

To create Surveys, you must additionally assign the following roles:

  • Event Subscription Administrators

  • Event Subscription Viewers

  • Survey Administrators (also includes the Survey Viewer role).

To initially deploy a policy to clients so that they report information back to Experience Analytics you must assign the role:

  • Guaranteed State Administrators.

These roles do not have to be assigned to the same 1E user. Enabling (deploying) Experience Analytics policies in Endpoint Automation is a one-time task that should be performed before using Experience Analytics, please refer to Installing Experience for more information.

Tachyon License details for Experience

Ensure your Tachyon License file has the Experience consumer enabled. Please contact 1E in order to obtain a license for Tachyon Experience.

You can view your Tachyon license details using either of the following methods:

  • in the Tachyon Portal, navigate to Settings→Configuration→License information, look in the Products section and expand Features and instructions items

  • in the license file Tachyon.lic found in C:\ProgramData\1E\Licensing

If this section does not exist, then the Experience application will not be installed during the Tachyon installation. You may have an old version of Tachyon, or your license needs to be updated.

      <Feature name="Experience">
        <Consumer name="Experience" enable="on"> </Consumer>