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Service Graph Connector for 1E is an integration between ServiceNow's Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Software Asset Management (SAM) module and 1E. This application allows the authorized user to view and learn the performance and behavior of the end-user devices available in an enterprise.

To implement and administer this application, we expect you:

  1. Are a qualified ServiceNow system administrator.

  2. Have the required knowledge and understanding of SGC for 1E application.

Before you start using SGC for 1E, ensure the following settings have been made:

  1. 1E CMDB Connect tab is configured to display the real-time status of the end-user devices.

  2. Related Lists are configured to retrieve the instantaneous information of the devices on push of a button.

  3. SG-1ETachyon is added to the Discovery Source.

New features in SGC for 1E

This release introduces the following new features:

  1. Business applications can choose to authenticate either via Basic or Modern Authentication

  2. Support for Tokyo, and Utah releases of ServiceNow