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1E 23.7 (SaaS)

Dynamic SCALE

If you want to run SCALE commands on a device, you currently also normally have to create the instruction in TIMS and add the necessary SCALE commands, then upload the instruction to Tachyon and execute it through the Explorer UI.

Dynamic SCALE allows you to simply write the scale snippet, then have it run from Tachyon.


To use this feature, you must enable code signing. Please refer to Requirements for using the Tachyon PowerShell Toolkit: Code Signing Certificate.

Getting started with Dynamic SCALE

To run a SCALE snippet dynamically, create the SCALE snippet as a file, for example:

@p = OperatingSystem.GetProcesses();
@result = select p.ProcessId ParentProcId, p1.ProcessId ChildProcId, p.Executable Parent, p1.Executable Child from @p p join @p p1 on p.ProcessId = p1.ParentProcessId where p.Executable = "svchost.exe";

This snippet returns all processes whose parent process executable is svchost.exe.

The last line of the file should always assign to a table called @result.

Assuming this was saved as the file example.scale. You can now execute this dynamically with:

invoke-tachyondynamic -scale example.scale -targetscope urth-dev