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1E 23.7 (SaaS)

WMI Integration

Invoke any WMI query directly from a PowerShell cmdlet. Because the Tachyon platform handles the transport and execution of the underlying instruction, you do not need to have enabled WinRM to use this functionality.

Invoking a WMI query

You invoke a WMI query using the invoke-tachyonwmiquery cmdlet

Invoke-TachyonWMIQuery -Query <query> -Namespace <namespace> -TargetScope <scope>|-TargetFqdns <fqdn list>

Invokes the specified WMI query against the namespace defined. For example:

Invoke-TachyonWMIQuery -Query "select CommandLine from win32_process" -namespace "root\cimv2" -targetscope urth


  • This cmdlet uses the support instruction 1E-Exchange-ExecuteWMIQuery, which is included with the PowerShell Toolkit. You must upload this instruction to Tachyon before using this cmdlet.

  • This cmdlet requires Tachyon 5.1 or later. It will throw an exception if it is run against an older version of Tachyon.

  • An invalid WMI query or namespace will not cause an error. Instead, the device(s) which are unable to execute the query (e.g because the namespace is not valid on that device) will return no data.