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An overview of all the features and enhancements of . The page provides a brief overview of each feature and links to other pages with more detail.

Inspect end-user device

integrates between ServiceNow CMDB module and 1E. Its main purpose is to support service desk personnel with real-time and reliable information. It populates a list of all your end-user devices and display the attributes stored in CMDB.

Integration Dashboard

has an Integration Dashboard, this is a standard feature provided by ServiceNow that links to the CMDB Integrations Dashboard. This dashboard shows you an overall health check for CMDB integrations.

Investigate end-user devices

can trigger Tachyon instructions on all available end-user devices at once. Because of this, Tachyon Information Services (TIS) can play an important role in investigating any connected device.

View triggered instructions

triggers instructions on the following occasions:

  1. When user asks for data through Related Lists on a Configuration item record.

  2. When a record is added in Tachyon Information Service (TIS).

maintains a history of every instruction triggered, along with the details of all parameters passed to 1E and the responses received from 1E.

View available instructions

There are a series of instructions offered by 1E to investigate and remediate end-user devices in an enterprise wide network. When requests 1E Core to fetch the instruction, 1E Core signals 1E to get the instruction. These instructions are stored in the 1E Core apps table. Similarly, also allows the admin user to view a list of instructions in the Instruction Definition module.

Remove software

has a feature to Remove software with the help of scheduled job and display them in a separate table for future reference.


You can contact 1E Support by phone or email using the details on this page.

The page also includes a link to where you can search our knowledge base and log or update support tickets.