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SGC for 1E Tachyon Release History
Web Release -1.2 (16-AUG-2021)
  • Populates EUC devices (desktops/laptops) in CMDB

  • 6 fields populated per device, including "Primary User" and Mac address from Tachyon

  • All other fields are populated dynamically (federated fields and Related lists)

  • Compatible with ServiceNow's Asset Management module (Model ID and Asset)

  • Utilizes ServiceNow's Identification and Reconciliation Engine (IRE) for data integrity

  • Integration Hub Spoke in Flow Designer

  • Robust Transformation Engine (RTE) to normalize and transform CI attributes

  • Built according to the Common Services Data Model (CSDM)

  • Tachyon Information Service

  • Guided Setup

  • CMDB Integration Dashboard

  • Compatible with ServiceNow Discovery and SCCM integrated instances

  • Extensible to all ServiceNow tables (Software Installation, Servers, Network Adapters etc.).

Hotfixes rolled up into this release:
  • Not applicable.