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1E 23.11 (SaaS)









Get a summary of the mobile device attributes.



Return values

BusyOnCall (boolean): Whether the device is currently engaged in a telephone call, dialing an outgoing call or is ringing with an incoming call.

IMEI (string): International Mobile Station Equipment ID. GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile use IMEI numbers; CDMA networks such as Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular use MEID numbers.

MobileDataState (string): The status of the mobile data connection. E.g. "Connected", "Connecting", "Disconnected" when the WiFi connection is in use, "Suspended", etc..

NetworkCountryISO (string): Country code, e.g. "gb".

NetworkOperator (string): Network operator name, e.g. "O2-UK".

NetworkType (string): Network type. E.g. "CDMA", "EDGE", "LTE", etc.

PhoneNumber (string): The phone number associated with the device. Some network operators store this value in the SIM, in which case it can be reported, but many operators do not in which case this field appears blank.

PhoneType (string): Typically "GSM" or "CDMA".

Roaming (boolean): Whether the device is considered to be roaming on the current phone network, for GSM purposes.

Rooted (boolean): Whether the device has been given the equivalent of super-user permissions. Once a device is rooted the inherent security has been compromised and any phone warranty becomes void. There is a good description here (

SIMSerialNumber (string): The combination of network country ISO, network operator and SIM serial number uniquely and globally identifying a mobile phone.

SimState (string): The state of the SIM card in the device. E.g. "No SIM card in this device", "Locked - requires a user's PIN", "Ready", etc.

TelephonyEnabled (boolean): Whether the device has telephone capabilities.




  • Android


The following methods have been deprecated, and aggregated into this GetMobileSummary method.

  • GetDeviceIMEI

  • GetNetworkOperator

  • GetPhoneNumber

  • GetUniquePhoneI

  • IsBusyOnCall

  • Rooted