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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

Implementing Virtual Desktop Experience

Everything you need to know about getting Virtual Desktop Experience installed and running in your environment.

VDX setup

VDX requires the following:

  • A 1E SaaS instance - VDX is only supported on 1E platform SaaS environments

  • Licensing and Tiering - VDX requires access to Experience Analytics, at the Enterprise Plus tier

  • Citrix on-premises - VDX requires access to an on-premises Citrix monitoring database.

If your situation meets the above requirements, please reach out to your 1E Account Team for assistance setting up VDX.


Access to VDX requires access to 1E Experience Analytics, refer to Introducing 1E Experience Analytics for details.


To navigate to VDX, either:

  • Login to the 1E platform, and select Virtual Desktop Experience from the available tiles.

  • Select Virtual Desktop Experience from the Application Switcher within the 1E platform.