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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

Rebuilding your Catalog data

Only users with admin privileges can rebuild your Catalog data.

When you run the resynchronization event with site-defined Catalog entries:

  • user - site-defined entries are optionally kept or deleted

  • auto-curated - site-defined entries are kept.

We recommend keeping any user site-defined entries. If you choose not to keep your user site-defined entries, they will be deleted and you will have to recreate them again.

To rebuild your Catalog data:

  1. On the Catalog UI, click Admin.

  2. On the Admin screen under Resynchronize Catalog, click Resync.

    Resynchronize Catalog


    Ensure that the Keep site defined entries checkbox is ticked to preserve your existing site-defined Catalog entries. If not, you will have to recreate all your site-defined entries again.

  3. A progress bar displays synchronization progress.

    Progress of your resynchronization event