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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

Create Nomad Application Policy

Creates a Nomad application policy and is used in a task sequence during the provisioning phase prior to any applications being installed. It uses the NomadPackageLocator.exe command-line switches tool to enable Nomad to be used as an Alternative Download Provider during provisioning. When the application policy is no longer required it can be removed using the Delete Nomad Application Policy action.

This custom action is available in the 1E Nomad task sequence actions.



When run, this task:

  • Creates the Nomad application policy and enables subsequent application downloads to use Nomad as an alternative download provider.

This task sequence action:

  • Only applies to OSD task sequences and must be run during the Setup Operating Systems phase specifically after the Setup Windows and Configuration Manager action of the task sequence prior to any applications being installed.

Configurable parameters


Default value



Create Nomad Application Policy.

Name for the custom task sequence action.


Action to create Nomad Application policy.

Description for the custom task sequence action.