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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

The 1E Catalog

An introduction to 1E Catalog and how to access and use the feature.

1E Catalog provides the following capabilities within the Inventory and other applications:

  • Have a consistent view of your estate

  • Uniquely identify software products deployed in your estate

  • Identify device types (laptop, desktop, virtual machine), operating system, device family, device manufacturer, and maximum number of processors

  • Normalize processor information like processor model, processor family, vendor name, and number of cores of processors running on your devices

  • Define and apply bundling rules to identify suites and their components

  • Define and apply entitlement rights, such as version upgrade/downgrade, edition downgrade, and software assurance rights which are used during license demand and compliance calculations

  • Apply autofill entitlement information using software SKU.

1E Catalog and SLA are components of the Inventory application. Other applications such as AppClarity access it directly and many Catalog related operations are carried out within these companion applications and features. Therefore you will rarely need to directly access the Catalog UI, but it can be used for the following: