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1E 23.11 (SaaS)


A general methodology for investigating issues with the Client Deployment Assistant, as well as identifying key issues and their resolutions.


If you are experiencing problems with client agents that have been deployed to devices already then please refer to documentation for the relevant product version.

Known issues




When Creating a Device Collection on the Agent screens the Limiting Collection may be missing

On an Agent screen an existing collection may be selected using the Browse button, but if a name is then typed into the Create/Select Device Collection field, the Limiting Collection will initially be missing.

Clicking or tabbing to another field will resolve the issue.

The CDA wizard may terminate with a program exception under certain circumstances.

If the connection to Configuration Manager is dropped after the initial connection test in the wizard has succeeded a program exception may occur if the connection is re-established.

You will need to check the status of Configuration Manager and confirm that it is up and running before re-trying to run the CDA wizard.

1E Clients are not being installed on Windows 11 devices.

Applcations > Deployment Types and Packages > Programs do not have the Windows 11 Operating System enabled by default in Configuration Manager.

The Windows 11 (64-bit) needs to be manually enabled in order to allow 1E Clients to be installed on these devices.