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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

Sync log page

The Sync log page lets you review the records that have been added to repositories as a result of syncing connectors.

The Sync log table

The Sync log table displays a list of records that have been uploaded to repositories by connectors. The columns displayed are described in the following table:



Upload time

The date and time the specific record type was uploaded.

Connector name

The name of the connector that uploaded the record type.


The name of the repository the record type was uploaded to.

Record type

The type of record uploaded.

File name

The file name created internally for this record type.


The total number of records related to this record type sourced during the synchronization event.


The number of records added to the platform for this record type.


The number of records that were updated as a result of uploading the record type.


The number of records that were removed as a result of uploading the record type.