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1E 23.11 (SaaS)

Using Software Reclaim

Software Reclaim is for software administrators, security managers, financial officers and end-users. This section covers includes an overview of Software Reclaim's four main pages, Usage Summary, Reclaim History, Policies and Savings, these sections include usage tutorials.

Where displayed, default table views can be adjusted using the Column Picker, where this control is shown SR_-_column_picker.png you can choose which columns are displayed in the table.

On most Software Reclaim pages you can use these tools to ensure you are viewing the most recent and appropriate data:

  • Management Group selector - certain pages in Software Reclaim have a management groups selector. This drop-down lets you select the management group you are interested in, by default this is set to Global.

  • Compliance Repository selector - This field lets you select the repository where the compliance data displayed on the page comes from, by default this is set to Default Compliance.

  • Report refresh - You can refresh reports from individual screens, where this is available you can do this by using the refresh icon next to Last Refreshed.

The Usage Summary page provides a view of what software titles are being used and how regularly they are used.

By default the Policies page displays a summary of every policy highlighting details for Used, Rarely Used, Unused and Unreported software in the displayed columns.